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Patent No.:M351320
Construction screw holes easily, quickly and hung on the screws do not fall in the construction of the lamp body, convenience intimate security.

Triangular Type Ceiling Light
Batten Light
Batten Light w/ Reflector

T-BAR Simple Type Recessed Light
Classroom Light
Standard Ceiling Grille Light

Extruded Aluminum Frame Ceiling Light
PS Cover T-BAR recessed light
Shelf Light

Humanized design and manufacture, reliable quality

Item General Light Fixture PIN FENG Light Fixture Strength of PIN FENG light fixture
Material thickness of light fixture body (Steel Sheet) ≦0.4mm 0.5mm
1.Not easy to bend or deform.
3.Not easy to discolor and wear.
4.Long lifetime.
Manufacture of light fixture body Coated steel sheet is formed up firstly and then assembled by riveting. Formed steel sheet is assembled by spot welding firstly and then coated.
1.Sturdy assembling.
2.Beautiful look.
3.Great fire prevention.
4.Environment friendly.
5.No slash when it’s moved and installed by people.
6.Compliance to safety norms.
Installation of triangular type light fixture (山型燈具) When ceiling mount and reflector are fixed, it's not easy to aim the screw at hole in alignment. Patent design – easy to aim the screws at hole in alignment when ceiling mount and reflector are fixed.
1.Easy and fast installation.
2.Design to prevent screws falling off light fixture during installation.
Patent No.: M351320
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